Intelligence Starts with Awareness

IVI is equipped with multiple sensors to allow its continuous monitoring of real-time data from all aspects of the machine. Through this data feedback process, IVI is then able to constantly correct even the tiniest deviations to ensure precision and accuracy in the final result.


Position * 3

Material Weight * 2

Extruder Jam * 2

Extruding Force * 2




CPU Temperature

Ivi 3D Printer with all sensors

Camera 1

Camera 2

Hotend Temperature


Revolutionary printing workflow

IVI's workflow maximizes automation and only requires your action where human judgment is required. For example, IVI's cloud slicer can analyze the design and assist with the preparation process, saving you the trouble of performing the tedious tasks of slicing required by other printers.

Ivi 3d printer workflow

Manage Your Projects Easily

When it comes to complex projects, IVI keeps track of progress on all tasks required to finish a project and allow you to view progress and organize priority through ‘Project Manager’.

iPad control Ivi 3d printer

Use IVI with any device

You can control IVI with your smartphone or tablet seamlessly.

iPhone control Ivi 3d printer