Beauty and style through engineering.

Ivi 3d printer

Simple and clean design.

Put IVI anywhere and instantly embrace a touch of future and mood of creation.

Ivi 3d printer

High performance heater

Heating up takes only 30 seconds, so you can start your print almost instantly.

Ivi 3d printer hotend

Transparent print chamber

As designers ourselves we’ve always enjoyed the journey as much as the destination, so we wanted you to see your work come to life from every angle possible.

Ivi 3d printer

High torque extruder.

The 3:1 reduction gear extruder simply has much more torque, increasing print speed and preventing jamming.

Ivi 3d printer extruder

Save your space. Protect the Material.

The enclosed spool holder saves space and keeps print material clean and dry.

Ivi 3d printer material holder

Safety is always the first priority.

IVI doesn’t work unless the automatic doors are firmly closed.

Ivi 3d printer automatic door

Most durable print platform.

With a flexible carbon fiber printing board, you can remove the print product easily by lightly bending the board. It is also more durable than glass and aluminum boards.

Ivi 3d printer platform