About US

"…this young company(IVI3D) from Shenzhen run by three passionate people, I think is trying to achieve something noble. They're trying to achieve a well-built honed 3d printing experience for the average casual user. Their goal is to make 3d printing accessible for everyone using their machine."

Joel Telling 3D Printing Nerd

How the story begins

Andy’s first contact with 3D printing was in 2013 when he bought a DIY printer to test the robot that he designed. In his experience and perhaps similar to many makers, instead of enjoying the convenience and efficiency of the 3D printer, most of his time was spent on setting up the parameters and adjusting the hardware & software. Nobody likes spending hours just to set up for a print. So, he started to design circuit boards for 3D printers to get better print quality and moved onto selling them as well.

Elvis was a mechanical engineer teaching at Heilongjiang Institute of Science and Technology. Similar experiences troubled Elvis. He had used 3D printers to print UAV parts as part of his research, but none of the printers he used delivered the quality and reliability his projects demanded, but instead requiring him to step in and fine-tune or fix hardware issues from time to time.

In 2015, Elvis and Andy met on one summer afternoon and found out their shared interest and passion, the idea of making a truly reliable, high resolution and easy to use desktop 3D printer came into their mind. The idea of IVI was born.

What we're trying to make

After three years of diligent problem-solving and unrelenting drive to create a better user experience, IVI has now come to life. Elvis and Andy incorporated closed-loop control to eliminate layer shifting, easily interchangeable printer heads to save unnecessary hardware costs, and industrial grade linear guides to improve precision and reliability. Along the way, they saw the need to improve the print preparation process so that makers don’t get bogged down by troublesome slicing processes. That’s why they have also worked tirelessly on IVI’s auto-slice function to save pre-configuration time, embedded algorithm to reduce manual operation and multiple sensors to monitor printer status, all are devoted to making IVI a truly easy to use and beginner-friendly 3D printer so that it is possible for anyone to make anything.

"Success is no accident. It is hard work, perseverance, learning, studying, sacrifice and most of all, love of what you are doing or learning to do."

This is the motto of the IVI team. We love what we are doing and we are firmly dedicated to bringing this great tool to life and making our contribution to the advancement of 3D printing technology.