IVI: The Closed-Loop 3D Printer

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As we are progressing in production, IVI will gradually increase to the retail price in the following months. The earlier you order, the more you will save.

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Redefining 3D printing through intelligence.

With the connection to IVI cloud, IVI can auto analyze the design and prepare the print process so minimum time is required for manual slicing.

Ivi 3d printer

Made with precision, for precision.

We designed the IVI from scratch, and like professional designers like you, we built IVI with the precision you would expect to see for all your creations.

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Ivi 3d printed superman

One is all.

IVI's modular print head allows you to switch quickly between different functions, including 3D printing, laser engraving & cutting, CNC carving, saving you the cost of buying multiple fabrication tools. It also allows for future function extensions, like SLA printing & 3D scanning.

Ivi 3d printed models

Beauty and style through engineering.

Clean and elegant design makes IVI not an ugly industrial product, but your idea maker.